We have more than 2700 advertising displays all over the country.
And a clear focus on, and commitment to, customers’ needs.

GETICA OOH, formerly News Outdoor Romania, is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in Romania in standard formats. The company was founded in 1997, under the name of Exclusive Media, and acquired by News Outdoor Group in 2000. The following year News Outdoor purchased Dockview Media, further strengthening the market position. In 2013 News Outdoor became Getica OOH, following a Management Buy-Out.

We now offer a national-wide network of over 2700 displays, including all types of advertising structures found on the Romanian market. Getica OOH was the first major supplier which replaced most of the formats from its network in Bucharest and national network with European standard structures and which brought new street furniture on the Romanian outdoor market. 

We take pride in our quality displays and very good locations, our transparency and top customer services, and our team of over 50 employees with outstanding specialist knowledge in all major Romanian cities. We are operating one of the best structured national networks.

Coverage, strategic locations, high impact: 2700 displays, with 80% of the network located in the main 15 cities. 

Targeted, efficient campaigns with reliable metrics: 1600 panels with audience figures provided by SAO-OOH.

A team of 50 people, trained and experienced. Headquarters in Bucharest and regional offices in the main cities.


A highly skilled team, plenty of experience, and a lot of media panels strategically placed in very good locations help GETICA OOH to place itself in a good position on the Romanian out-of-home advertising sector. Our transparent approach and our focus on long-term cooperation and mutual benefits are other factors that contribute to several competitive advantages, among which we mention:

• Wide range product portfolio (standard formats and spectacular sites)
• National coverage in all major cities in Romania
• Price differentiation system to select networks
• In-house campaign planning
• Full outdoor service provider: media, printing, posting, monitoring
• Transparent policies 
• Long term client-oriented management
• Best quality of services recognized in Romanian outdoor market
• In-house posting and monitoring teams
• Competitive price/quality share 

Please follow the link to read more about our data, audience, programatic buying and the advantages of OOH advertising campaigns.

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