We are operating one of the best structured national OOH networks, with a large number of displays in high traffic and high visibility locations. We have a clear focus on, and commitment to, customers’ needs.


3,2 x 2,4 m, 4×3 m & 6×3 m

• They cover main arterial roads and very crowded (mostly very low speed) junctions. 

• Ideal for image and brand awareness campaigns.

• Excellent locations and construction quality.

• Vinyl print production for perfect image quality

Backlit locations provide the most effective means to target city-center vehicular traffic, being the market standard for premium outdoor advertising campaigns.

More than 1000 free-standing panels available in the main 15 cities allow nation-wide campaigns.


8×3 m, 8×9 m & 14×4 m

• Excellent locations and expansive surface areas. 

• Ideal for image campaigns and brand building.

• Small number of displays are able to generate a high impact.

• Unlimited creative opportunities.

• National-wide coverage.

Unipoles are special locations of dimensions up to 75 mp. GETICA OOH offers over 180 panels in the main cities and on national roads. 


6×3 m & 8×3 m

• The basic format for high coverage and frequency. 

• Ideal for both image and product campaigns.

• Large surface area which allows creative planning.

• National-wide coverage.

• Paper poster production optimizes production costs.

• Front-lit illumination.

GETICA OOH offers over 400 panels (6×3 m and 8×3 m) in cities and on national roads. 


1,2 x 1,8 m

• Reaches central and crowded areas.

• Ideal for image campaigns and promotions.

• Visible to pedestrian and automobile traffic.

• Low poster production costs.

• High backlit illumination rate.

More than 570 citylights and bus stop shelters in the main 14 cities in Romania provide the opportunity to place nationwide advertising campaigns. 


1,4×3 m

• Ultra-premium locations exclusively in city-centers, historical areas, and plazas.

• Ideal for image and prestige campaigns. 

• Backlit illumination.

• High-quality location and modern construction. 

• Plasticized paper production for perfect image quality.

The pillars are ideal for city-centers pedestrian and slow-moving automobile traffic. More than 70 locations were built in the main 5 cities.


3,2×2,4 m

Mainly positioned in high traffic areas – best locations.

• The dynamic display is able to attract attention more than a standard panel.

• New structures, with a modern design. 

All our scrollers are video monitored and as soon as we detect an operation problem we send the maintenance team, even on weekends.


LED digital screens – various sizes

• Sidestreet placements.

• Very high-traffic / low-speed areas for motorized traffic.

• High-density pedestrian traffic flows.

• Video monitored for 24/7 intervention in case of a problem.

The most dynamic outdoor communication – attractive, modern, done only with high-quality LED digital screens.


Various sizes

• Only on Main routes.

• Very large – impossible to miss.

• Highly visible from afar, on some of the busiest boulevards.

Available in Bucharest.


Various sizes

• Customized to fit the available space.

• Premium locations ideal for image and high reputation.

• Very high visibility due to unique locations or big size.

• Significant impact and unlimited creative opportunities.

• Special production (vinyl, mesh etc.)

Available in Bucharest and main cities in the country.


1,2 x 1,8 m Citylight scroller

• Premium shopping network.

• Citylight scrollers placed at the entrance of supermarkets, impossible to miss.

• Could be mixed in packages including backlit and scrollers placed in the vicinity: entrance, parking, boulevard.

The network covers mainly the Central and Northern area of Bucharest, but it is under continuous development.



Various types and sizes

• Covering the entire METROREX network (Bucharest).

• Standard formats and also highly customizable options.

• Available spaces in all stations – entrances, access gates, corridors, stairs, elevators, pillars, and subway platforms.

• Available spaces on trains – outside and inside. 

High traffic locations with a captive audience during waiting and travel times – over 500.000 people daily (approx. 300.000 daily, with pandemic restrictions). 


Various types and sizes

• Covering the RATB public transport network in Bucharest.

• Highly visible locations, with great exposure to those using the network (approx. 1.2 million passengers daily), but also to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. 

• Available spaces on busses and trams, outside and inside, as well as on selling kiosks and on roadside poles. 

• Regular formats and highly customizable options, including full vehicle wraps and interior displays. Special projects are possible, too.


LCDs – various sizes

• 162 stations with a total of over 200 LCDs (and the number of LCDs is growing every month).

• 4,5 million impressions per month with an audience of 1,7 million unique people per month at the national level.

• Sold as a national or city network for Bucharest and Top Cities (Cluj, Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara, Craiova, Brasov, Sibiu, Galati, Suceva, Arad, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Rm. Valcea, Oradea, Targu Mures) and a separate network for the rest. 

Premium services with high income regular users.


LCDs – various sizes

• Over 970 agencies/shops, in over 190 cities and towns.

• 1,5 million monthly impressions with an audience of 279 thousand unique people per month at the national level.

• All locations are open in 10-22 hours intervals on a daily basis, except public holidays.

• Sold as a national or city network for Bucharest and all major cities and towns.

Over 279.000 unique customers, with a 5,9 monthly average frequency of return and 11 minutes time spent.