Getica joins the fundraising campaigns launched by the Motivation Foundation

The campaigns aim to raise funds for refurbishing and donating wheelchairs for people with motor disabilities.

The Motivation Foundation has over 25 years of activity, with numerous successful programs for the benefit of children and adults with disabilities in Romania.
Here is the message around which wheelchair funding campaigns have been built:

“Some shoes take you far. So are wheelchairs!

Do you remember the last time your shoes rubbed you the wrong way? You felt the pain reach your brain with every step! You fell onto the couch and kicked them as far as you could. You felt like if you wore them for two more minutes you would explode.
Did you know that for a disabled person an ill-fitting wheelchair is like a pair of painful, uncomfortable shoes? The only difference is that they have to sit in a wheelchair every day, hour after hour.

In Romania, thousands of people with motor disabilities receive wheelchairs that are not suitable for them, year after year. Wheelchairs can cause pain and sometimes pose a health hazard. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Motivation Romania Foundation has donated tens of thousands of wheelchairs. Tens of thousands of children and adults now go to school, play sports, hang out with friends, and enjoy life.”